Virginia here I come…

sunset over Virginia's Hickory Hill Vineyards & Winery

I really do seem to have become a bit obsessed about American wine of late, but then they are very interesting and can be exceedingly good and I really enjoy visiting the country. Quite a while ago I wrote a couple of pieces about wines from the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Well, I had never tried them before and became pretty excited about them and now I am about to set off to see the wine growing areas of Virginia for myself. I am really looking forward to learning about them properly and being able to report back on anything interesting and exciting.

I will try and publish some of the highlights of the trip every day, just as I did from New York’s Finger Lakes – so keep coming back. The wine trip starts Sunday and I will spend Friday and Saturday in Washington D.C. – feel free to send any ideas for sites to see and places to eat.

You can learn lots about the region here and follow my trip on the map below.

Virginia's wine regions - click for a larger view

3 thoughts on “Virginia here I come…

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  2. Quentin – enjoy Virginia, a state I love and have had the good fortune to carry out some work in over the last 5 years or so. Shame the work wasn’t wine related! Try and take the time to soak up the history so you can understand the strong bond between the UK and Virginia as illustrated by places such as Jamestown and Williamsburg. And from what I’ve tasted of the wine it’s pretty good as are the Chesapeake Bay oysters!

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