My visit to Château des Jacques, Moulin-a-Vent, Beaujolais, France


Guillaume de Castelnau

Many Beaujolais winemakers told us they could make a “fruity” wine or a “serious”, rich wine. I am sure we would all agree there are serious, rich wines that are fruity. Is the French definition of fruity different from ours?
I think some Beaujolais winemakers tie one hand behind their back before they start by this view, so perhaps they should employ outside consultants?

This visit showed what can be done and to a degree the pace here is set from outside Beaujolais. Château des Jacques is owned by Louis Jadot who aim to produce the best wines of Beaujolais. To achieve this they appointed the charming, ex cavalry Major, Guillaume de Castelnau; I could have listened to him forever and my understanding of vines and wines would have been the richer for it. Continue reading