What consumers actually drink: Part 1

kumala shirazI go through life truly believing myself not be elitist or a snob. In all walks I respect people’s views and their preferences, I might disagree, but what they like is what they like.

I am happy that you people enjoy all sorts of things that I fail to appreciate myself.

Live and let live is my motto.

I am so liberal and open minded; except……when it comes to wine. That is a real blind spot. I want to immediately convert people who drink very basic wine to something more interesting and exciting. I want them to see what I see in a wine.

The truth is that most consumers see wine quite differently from us trade and keen amateurs. We think about the complexity of wine, the artistry of it, the finesse of it, the elegance – much like classical music pundits really. We also think about what food a wine would partner. In truth I wonder how often we actually think whether it is yummy or not! Continue reading