Services I provide

untitledWhatever you need by way of wine education, wine training, wine writing, wine entertainment or wine advice you have come to the right person.

My more than 25 years experience in the UK wine trade mean that I can provide exactly the service that you need.

As a Wine Educator I tutor:

Courses and training to the wine trade and to consumers.

Presentations and tutored tastings.

Corporate entertainment – wine quizzes and fun games.

Lectures, seminars and more.

These letters are typical of the feedback I receive:

As a Wine Consultant I provide:

Range creation services for retail and on trade.

Food and wine pairing; advice, seminars and writing.

Cellar management for companies and individuals.

Consumer advice and more.

As a Wine Writer I write:

Wine lists and wine list descriptions.

Technical notes for web sites and brochures.

Articles and reviews.

Back labels and product detail presenters.

For the wine trade:

I can present your products to the public at tasting events.

I can write and create superb presentations about you and your products, these are on Keynote or Powerpoint.  

I can write and create promotional literature for your products.

My experience is only an email or telephone call away…


Telephone: 00442082 864566

Mobile: 0044790 99 22 150

4 thoughts on “Services I provide

  1. Quentin,

    Thanks for this informative blog! 4 of us are travelling (from the U.S.) to Tuscany region in Italy for 10 days in early May and wonder if you could recommend a few wineries/vineyards to visit. A favorite varietal of the group is Pinot Noir.

    Much appreciation!


  2. Is 2003 Cotes De Montravel still drinkable? I have 2 bottles from Chateau Dame De Fonroque. I’m not a sweet wine drinker, so haven’t opened it. But I’m having a party and wonder if I could serve it for those who prefer sweet whites.

    • Well that is a pretty interesting wine from a good producer. The vineyards are right on the border between Bordeaux and Bergerac, but in the latter, and the wine is a sweetish dessert wine. Late harvest rather than botrytis though, so it won’t be luscious like a great Sauternes. However it is a dessert wine rather than an medium dry wine, so I would serve it with some suit or a cheesecake at the end and keep everyone happy. My guess would be that it is still lovely as long as it has been kept well, it will have had the acidity to last well – even though 2003 was very hot. It is pretty rare stuff, apparently fewer than 600 cases made, so it will be interesting. Let us know how it is will you?

  3. Thank you. I will definitely open it at my party next weekend. I’ll tell our sweet drinkers that they are the last people on earth to drink this wine, and that I need their reviews. I’ll let you know!

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