A Really Dry Wine

I love interesting and exotic wine, but how’s this for a really unusual product – a red wine that is so dry, you need to add water so that you can drink it!

It is intended for mountaineers, trekkers and rugged types in the great outdoors generally. I didn’t know people needed or wanted wine on such endeavours, but at least it is available. You can also get a mulled version for cold winter expeditions too, but I assume you add hot water to that.

This dried wine is available from Trek’n Eat who specialise in ‘food for your outdoor life’. They do have a wonderful array of stuff, which all seems pretty sensible and suitable for a trek – only the dried wine has the feel of an April Fool – I did check the date though.

The wine – or as it says on the packet, ‘Alcoholic Drink Powder with Red Wine Extract’, what a category at the Decanter Wine Awards that would be – is just 8.2% alcohol and there is no further information as to what red wine it is extracted from.

Can someone correct me if I am wrong, but if you are carrying water, then you may as well have normal wine in a plastic bottle or bag as have a dried version – or am I missing something?

I have looked in vain for similar products, which doesn’t surprise me, but perhaps this is a sector of the market that is thriving and loads of you are enjoying powdered wine?

If anyone has tried it I would love to read your tasting note.

Can I also thank my brother for bringing this product to my attention.