Proper Wine Storage A Liberating Feeling

 What to do with my wine?

For a long time I have agonised over my wine storage. I have a sizeable collection of bottles built up over 30 years, but hardly ever drink it, so storing it is a headache frankly. I know, first world problems!

The space is one issue and how to store it properly another. I have tried all sorts of things over the years and even toyed with building a cellar a couple of times, but costs have always been impossible.

The West London Wine School

The West London Wine School

Well help is finally at hand as I live in London and do much of my teaching at the West London Wine School in Fulham. The school is actually housed in the Big Yellow Wine Cellars, which is the only purpose built self storage wine facility in the country as far as I am aware. It is beneath the Big Yellow Storage in Fulham and is a wonderful installation. There I was looking at these wine storage units day after day before the penny finally dropped – I should get one of those.

So I did. Now my wine is perfectly stored at just the right constant temperature and out of my way, which is a wonderfully relaxing feeling. If you have lots of wine and live near London I really do recommend it for peace of mind – mention my name.