Stellenbosch part 3 – Cape Town’s Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

I love Cape Town, it is a vibrant and exciting place. When in need of some relaxation and a break from tasting and judging wines, then a stroll around Cape Town’s Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is absolutely perfect. The air is lovely, there are shops that cater to every need and want and bars and restaurants galore. In fact the only downside is the abundance of dive-bombing seagulls.

The Waterfront is a gentrified harbour that has been spruced up and turned into a shopping centre and leisure complex, as found the world over from San Francisco to Valencia, but it is very well done and provides a splendid place to relax.

I spent a pleasant evening there last night, strolling, window shopping and drinking – all followed by a memorable dinner in a seafood restaurant called Baia, which means bay and is pronounced ‘ba-hia‘. Continue reading

Stellenbosch part 2 – a traditional braai

Diemersdal Estate

When I am away being entertained in an organised group then food looms rather large. Hosts always seem to imagine that yet more food is required – and I suppose it does help to soak up the alcohol of all the wine tasting and to keep people even tempered. However mealtimes seem to come around with incredible frequency and this trip is no exception.

I have enjoyed lots of lovely food on this trip, but one dish really stands out as being utterly delicious – Skilpadjies (as far as I  can make out this Afrikaner word is pronounced skill-pike-ies). Continue reading

Stellenbosch – part 1

Table Mountain from where I am working this week

Greetings from Stellenbosch. Not much wine excitement to report back yet, but it will come.

It really is a beautiful town, have a look here if you are unfamiliar with it.

The judging started yesterday morning and went pretty well, as you can see the view is amazing.

Sunday night we were taken to the beautiful Kaapzicht wine estate and enjoyed a drink in the vineyards watching the sunset followed by a traditional braai.

sunset at Kaapzicht

All in all it is a lot of fun interspersed with a good bit of work and a lot of wine tasting. I will try to publish something interesting soon – keep checking back.

Stellenbosch again

street in Stellenbosch, South Africa - this afternoon

These pages are not supposed to be about me, but sometimes the things I do loom larger than at other times. My recent New York State trip was such an example and so is this.

I have just arrived in Stellenbosch, in South Africa’s Western Cape, to be a judge at the Michelangelo Wine Awards. I was here last year too, but return as a newly promoted chairman of a panel of judges – wish me luck. Continue reading