Christmas Cheer – QED

When meeting me people often assume that I live a relentlessly hedonistic lifestyle – drinking nothing but the rarest and finest wines.

This is especially true around Christmas, my students often ask me what I am going to drink over the holidays and seem to expect a list of famous wines by way of reply.

It is true that with Christmas approaching my thoughts often turn to the great wines in my collection and I usually start to plan which bottles to dig out. I did it this year, I brought the reds into relative warmth ready to be drunk and planned which wine partnered each dish. Continue reading

Nothing but the best?

I was thinking about top end wine the other day and these thoughts sort of flitted across my mind…


It is very easy to want the best and to insist on the best if, unlike me,  you can easily afford it, but what is the best?

Is the best what fashion dictates? What your peers say it is? What the price would suggest or what your own senses tell you? Continue reading