Lebanon – the Iberian link


Vineyards being tended at Château Kefraya in the Bekaa Valley.

Vineyards being tended at Château Kefraya in the Bekaa Valley.

Whilst in Lebanon I was surprised to find a broad range of grapes being used and more innovation than I had expected. I was especially excited by the use of Iberian grapes and I wrote an article for Catavino.net, the Iberian wine page.

You can read it by clicking here.

New York here I come…

The day is finally here, well, tomorrow actually, when I fly out to New York State to experience the Finger Lakes wine region. I am looking forward to it, this area could really be a great cool climate wine producer and it will very interesting to taste the wines and to see the landscape from which they come.

Just the journey is quite exciting, I fly into Toronto and then hop across Lake Ontario in a 12 seater plane to Rochester on the southern shore and then head 25 miles inland to Canandaigua.

The wine trip starts on Sunday evening with winery visits from Monday 12 July 2010 and I will try and blog about my experiences everyday.

If you want to follow my journey you can refer to my piece about the region here, Uncork New York and my two maps – New York’s wine regions and the Finger Lakes region.

In the meantime, if you want more of my writing, go to catavino.net, which is a great website covering almost every aspect of Iberian food, wine and culture – you must have a look at my article on one of Spain’s best white grapes – Verdejo and my piece about Toro – a Spanish wine region that I love.

Check back from time to time, you never know what you might find.