This Might Be the Last Time…

Catavino, the Iberian wine web site is closing its doors for the last time at the end of the month and coincidentally the other day I drank my last bottle of something that I might never see again. Not just because of vintage changes or time moving on, but because it is from a winery that no longer exists, which is a terrible shame as it it one of the most fascinating sweet wines that I have tasted and the very best example of its type that I have come across – so I thought that I would tell you all about it here

This will be my last piece for Catavino and, unless I stumble across an ancient stash of bottles somewhere, almost certainly my last bottle of Scholtz Hermanos Solera 1885.

3 thoughts on “This Might Be the Last Time…

  1. Having just begun to appreciate sweet wines after a trip to Italy this summer it’s sort of ironic to read about this fabulous sounding wine whilst at the same time hearing of it’s demise. I hope I can track down something close at some point.

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