Stellenbosch part 2 – a traditional braai

Diemersdal Estate

When I am away being entertained in an organised group then food looms rather large. Hosts always seem to imagine that yet more food is required – and I suppose it does help to soak up the alcohol of all the wine tasting and to keep people even tempered. However mealtimes seem to come around with incredible frequency and this trip is no exception.

I have enjoyed lots of lovely food on this trip, but one dish really stands out as being utterly delicious – Skilpadjies (as far as I  can make out this Afrikaner word is pronounced skill-pike-ies).

It is a liver dish, but to my mind is right up there with the great offal recipes like Haggis and Riñones al Jerez – indeed the first time I had them I would have sworn they contained kidney and indeed one recipe I found does say that. I know lots of people shy away from offal, but Skilpadjies are really good and a very traditional part of the Afrikaner diet – think of them as an especially tasty meat ball or faggot. By the way, the name means tortoises and came about because they are supposed to resemble tortoises in shape.

Skilpadjies on the braai last night

I enjoyed them last night as part of a traditional braai while watching the sun go down at the beautiful Diemersdal winery in Durbansville near Cape Town. This is a terrific winery that specialises in Sauvignon Blanc and produces six superb examples – including a rosé.

the finished Skilpadjies (top) with antelope sausage and antelope fillet

It was a wonderful evening and lovely to get the chance to taste real, local food with their wines.

Keep checking back as I am here until Sunday.

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