Great Value Dry Rosé

Unusually for me I was in an Aldi the other day. I could not resist browsing the wine range just to see what they had and when I spied a rosé from Utiel-Requena in Valencia I was quite interested.

This Spanish rosé is made from 100% Bobal grapes and only cost £3.99 – so I bought a bottle.

vinadecana roseViña Decana Rosado 2008

D.O. Utiel-Requena

12% vol

100% Bobal

£3.99 from Aldi

The colour is very attractive, deep red cherry with a lovely brightness.

The nose is fresh and clean with touches of ripe cherry and tinned strawberry.

The palate is dry, crisp and refreshing with no sweetness at all, just little flourishes of ripe red fruit. The acidity and relatively low alcohol (12%) make the wine well balanced and it has a vibrant red cherry finish.

This is a good basic wine, very enjoyable and pulls off something very few rosés on this market seem to manage, balancing weight and acidity. You can find rosés with good acidity that seem to have no weight, or rosés that have loads of weight with no acidity or freshness – which is important to me. This is the best balanced cheap rosé that I have tried in a long time.

This wine has good weight and good acidity, it would be lovely with some charcuterie or a nice salad – 85 points.

5 thoughts on “Great Value Dry Rosé

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