More Exciting Wines from Chile

At the recent Wines of Chile Annual Trade Tasting I had the chance to try a good selection of the range of wines from Matetic Vineyards.


I wrote recently about some of the exciting wines from Viña Leyda who are based in the Leyda Valley, a part of Chile’s San Antonio Valley. Well, Matetic are also based in a part of the San Antonio Valley – the San Rosario Valley.

Matetic Vineyards

This is a cool area of the Chilean vineyards with a Mediterranean climate, where cool sea breezes maintain a pretty constant 26˚/27˚Centigrade during the growing season while the cold night time temperatures, it frequently drops by some 20˚ at night, ensure good balance and acidity in the grapes and finished wine.

Jorge Matetic created the estate in 1999 and was one of the people who really put the San Antonio Valley on the wine map, such is his belief in the quality that can be achieved here that all 90 hectares on the estate are organically farmed and the wines he produces have been certified organic since 2004. Indeed during the winter the vineyards are actually weeded by Alpacas, whose gentle hooves make them perfect for the task.

Matetic Sauvignon Blanc

Matetic Chardonnay
Matetic Gewurztraminer
Matetic WMB
Matetic Corralillo Syrah
Matetic EQ SyrahMatetic EQ Pinot Noir

In my opinion these are very good and very exciting wines that deserve to be sought out, I like the balance they achieve, I like the concentration of fruit and I even like the funky labels.

For stockists and to buy these wines please contact Genesis Wines

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