Basqueing in the sun – the perfect Summer wine from northern Spain

The perfect summer wine is now easily available and you must give it a try!

I have long been a fan of Chacoli wines which come from the Basque country and so are properly called Txacoli in their native tongue and I really urge you to try them.

Chacoli mapThe 3 Chacoli D.O.s,  Bizkaiko Txakolina/Chacolí de Bizcaia around Bilbao, the miniscule inland Arabako Txakolin/Txacolí de Álava and the slightly more widely seen Getariako Txakolina/Chacolí de Getaria produce exciting light, dry white wines that partner shellfish and salads to perfection.

Together the 3 regions can only claim 90 wineries and less than 4 million bottles produced a year, which given the local thirst does not go very far – especially as these wines are now popular in the US.

If you want something really delicious and fresh and light, then this is the wine for you.

1041230xAmeztoi Txakolina 2007

DO Getariako Txakolina/DO Chacolí de Getaria

The nose is vibrant, mineral and very enticing indeed.

In the mouth the wine is fresh, light and lively with an incredible weight of flavour – it really is a very, very tasty wine – and comes in at a mere 10.5% by volume.

The flavours are of crunchy green apples, lime citrus, blackcurrant leaf, touches of dried pineapple and peach add richness while the crisp acidity is echoed by a bracingly attractive invigorating saltiness and a dash of minerality. The sensation of freshness is enhanced by a slight spritz in the wine.

It is perfect with salad, seafood and virtually any alfresco meal including, traditionally olives and anchovies.

If it sounds odd, just give it a go – it is a delightful wine, but I do agree with you about the label.

Chacoli vineyards right by the sea

Chacoli vineyards right by the sea

For collectors of unusual grapes this gives you 2 for the price of 1 as it is a blend 90% Hondaribi Zuri, the local white grape, with 10% Hondaribi Beltza, the local black grape, the grapes are grown virtually on the shoreline of the Bay of Biscay near San Sebastian.

Around £10.99 a bottle from Wholefoods, High Street Kensington, Vinoteca & Les Caves de Pyrene

Another lovely Chacoli that I have enjoyed many times is:

Txomin_Etxaniz_2006Txomín Etxaniz 2007

DO Getariako Txakolina/Chacolí de Getaria

Around £13 a bottle from Moreno Wine Merchants

Keep popping back to read my review of a rare Chacoli Rosé soon…

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