Spanish White Wines

230201491I have recently had 2 wine trips to Spain, more about those later, and I was astonished. We all tend to think of Spain as a red wine producing country, especially Castilla-y-León, where I was in March, and of course it does historically and culturally concentrate on red wine production. I also think it true to say that most Spaniards I know regard white wine as bit odd, I even know more than one restaurant in Spain that has NO white wines on its wine list at all. Continue reading

Fun dining in Madrid

museojamonThe other week I was in Madrid and wanted somewhere classically Spanish, good quality and inexpensive to eat.
Well, my prayers were answered in the shape of the Museo del Jamon. There are some 5 branches of this strange hybrid of an establishment dotted around the centre of Madrid, I went to the original, in the Calle Mayor, just off Puerto del Sol.
It appears at first glance to be an overgrown deli, ham and cheese shop, but a closer look will show you that half the ground floor is also a rather excellent tapas bar, of the stand up variety. Just above this on a sort of mezzanine is a snack bar, while a staircase takes you to the “comedor”, the dining room. Continue reading

La Setera Winery, Arribes del Duero, Castilla y León, Spain

LaSeterawebSometimes the reasons that I love wine and find it so interesting all come together in a single moment. Our visit to Arribes del Duero was such a moment. A region I had never come across before, making wines on a small scale from a grape variety of which I had never heard. Add to this my deep love and fascination for Spain and I was really looking forward to visiting Bodegas La Setera. In one of those strange political moves, while the region has always been called Arribes del Duero, the D.O. is simply D.O. Arribes. Continue reading