Rueda: great Spanish white wines

I love white wines from Rueda in Spain and want you all to be more aware of them.

Rueda is a terrific wine region making exactly the sorts of wines that people would enjoy and yet almost all the students that arrive on my courses have never heard of it. Which is a great shame and I would urge you to get acquainted with some of these lovely, fresh, modern dry white wines as soon as you can.Iberia 2 web

I have ringed Rueda in red on the map, left. Please click on the map to see a larger view.

Most of the students arriving on my courses have also almost never heard of the Verdejo grape, the secret weapon of Rueda and Castillia y León. It is not the Verdelho, but a wonderful grape all of its own and as far as I can find out is not grown anywhere else. You see, there is life beyond Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio…

A pure Verdejo wine usually has a richness and a soft, round texture with notes of grapefruit and nectarine together with good balancing acidity, while the grapes’ hallmark aroma is a little touch of herbal character.

If you blend the Verdejo with Sauvignon Blanc or Viura it tends to be lighter and crisper with notes of pear and green apple.

I promise you that if you taste some white wines from Rueda, you will enjoy them. They tend to be very user friendly and can be enjoyed without food or with a wide range of dishes.

I have mentioned Palacio de Bornos Rueda before and here are a couple more Rueda whites that I have encountered recently:


Analivia Verdejo 2007

In a branch of La Tasca last week I was scouring the wine list for something that would accompany everything and this wine leapt out at me. I did not know it, but did know Rueda, so I gave it a go. I was pleased with it and so were my friends, who are a picky lot and had really wanted to order the Albariño!

This was a terrific wine with lovely weight of succulent fruit on the palate and a good, crisp finish – one of the richer Rueda wines.

Contact Free Run Wines on 01672 540990 for stockists or visit a La Tasca tapas bar!


Lacho Verdejo-Viura 2007

This wine is down the other end of the Rueda spectrum, but was none the worse for it. The Viura in the blend had made the wine much lighter and crisper with more minerality than texture. I know nothing about this wine and can find no information on the web, so do not know the proportions in the blend, but as Verdejo is listed first on the label the least amount of Verdejo allowed is 50%.

It is still a good wine though, very fresh, crisp, light, zesty and enjoyable to drink.  What is more at £13.50 a bottle it was a bargain with an excellent Sunday lunch at The Lion Hotel in Belper!

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